With Hy Stor Energy joining the organisation as a Tier one member, the company will advocate for innovative, long-duration renewable hydrogen storage solutions and highlight hydrogen’s important role in decarbonisation efforts.

Reported by H2 View in 2021, it has already been confirmed that more than 70 million kilogrammes of the green hydrogen will be stored underground in salt caverns and, pending regulatory approvals and equipment availability, the hub’s first phase is planned to enter commercial service by 2025

Salt Caverns will form a key aspect of the large-scale storage of hydrogen with Claire Behar, Chief Commercial Officer at Hy Stor Energy, exclusively telling H2 View, “Salt caverns are ideal for the hydrogen market because they can provide large-scale, long-duration energy storage that can be dispatched on demand to support grid integration of renewable energy sources.

“Green hydrogen production coupled with long-duration salt cavern storage uniquely meets the market need to match intermittent renewable energy as well as shift low-demand excess renewable generation to dispatchable on-peak demand.

“This provides a flexible and reliable energy supply that can serve peak demand at times when renewable energy sources cannot.”

On joining the FCHEA, Laura Luce, CEO of Hy Stor Energy, said, “We are proud to join FCHEA and work together with its membership to advance renewable hydrogen that produces zero-carbon and zero-methane at production, distribution, and consumption.

“At Hy Stor Energy, we are focused on developing zero-emission renewable hydrogen technology for long duration energy storage that will benefit communities while providing reliable clean power.”

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