Hydrofuel Canada revealed on Thursday (July 21) that it plans to provide funding to commercialise Lumos Laboratories Nigeria Limited’s (Lumos) unique technology, which hopes to tackle health and energy issues.

Developed to address health concerns within communities without centralised sanitary sewage treatment, Lumos says its technology could provide decentralised treatment of sewage on a ‘neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood’ basis.

Lumos has said, the green hydrogen and ammonia produced will be evaluated and assessed as fuel for mobility, heat and electrical generation, and as a fertiliser.

Lumos Labs, Ejikeme Nwosu

By selling green energy and other by-products captured in the sanitisation process, Lumos hopes the technology can also offer a source of energy to heat, cook, and provide other basic services, while paying residents a small incentive fee for using the technology.

H2 View understands Lumos has secured a consulting contract with the Nigerian Prison Authority to study and pilot its technology.

Ejikeme Patrick Nwosu, Inventor and CEO of Lumos, said, “We are grateful that we have made this acquisition deal with Hydrofuel Canada as it will offer a wonderful platform to achieve our dream of making clean, affordable, renewable hydrogen-ammonia energy widely available, while reducing the health impacts of untreated waste in our community.”

Hydrofuel announced in April (2022), it had completed an exclusive licence agreement with Georgia Institute of Technology for the patent pending MAPS system that could unlock green hydrogen and ammonia that is ‘cheaper than fossil fuels.’

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