The waste-to-hydrogen site, situated at a sanitary landfill near Richmond, California, is planned to turn solid waste and methane into hydrogen, for fuel cell-powered heavy duty trucks in the local area.

Production of the compressors will take place at Howden’s facilities in Rheden, the Netherlands and Springfield, Missouri, with aftermarket support provided by Howden, Los Angeles, the company has said.

The companies have said the contract come as a key milestone for Raven SR to begin renewable hydrogen production in California.

Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR, said, “Raven SR is pleased to be working with Howden to supply the compressors for our non-combustion steam/carbon dioxide reforming units.

“Howden has a solid reputation in the industry, and their knowledge and experience have been crucial in designing the unique compressors needed under our hydrogen offtake agreements.

“As we expand internationally, Howden’s offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide will be able to support Raven SR as we accelerate the energy transition globally.”

Raven SR’s technology that provides waste disposal and clean energy has seen growth in the market in parallel with the hydrogen economy gaining momentum, with the Richmond plant continuing to add to its portfolio.

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Ross Shuster, CEO at Howden Group, commented, “This contract, and our relationship with Raven SR, represents a great example of how we are working with customers to support the energy transition and advance a more sustainable world.

“Our solution on this project focuses on safe and efficient hydrogen compression followed by on-going support to ensure plant efficiency and reliability.”

H2 View understands, Raven SR’s contractor, Stellar J, sill support hydrogen compression into mobile tube trailers which will provide hydrogen to Raven SR customers, with work set to begin in autumn 2022, and a view for the site to be operational in 2023.


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