The new office in Noida, Delhi comes in response to growing demand for air and gas handling equipment with the nation’s fast-growing economy.

Additionally, Howden’s expertise in hydrogen compression solutions offers support to India’s investment in renewable hydrogen development.

It is hoped the new base will position the company further within its own market, offering access to products for India’s supply chain and facilitating access to expertise and technology.

In July (2022), Howden revealed it has signed a contract to supply its hydrogen compressors to an Indian refinery, as part of an effort to improve the refinery’s efficiency and sustainability.

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Fred Hearle, Executive Director and President of EMENA region at Howden, said, “This move is of great importance to Howden’s business in India.

“Having a presence in Delhi brings our expertise and technology closer to our customers, as well as enabling further investment in our facilities and the training and development of our team. We are committed to fully localising Howden products and services in India and creating new jobs and careers.

“The Howden team in India led by its Managing Director, Parvesh Mittal, has done an excellent job in managing the business through the pandemic to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people and continuity of service to our customers in India and internationally.

“This new office in Delhi is another step in expanding our presence in a critical market for Howden and our customers.”

India Snap Summit: Why the world needs to help foster India’s hydrogen ambitions

H2 View has announced the launch of its India Snap Summit to address the country’s path forward in hydrogen.

The event will be held on September 2 via the interactive gasworld TV platform currently used for H2 View’s hugely successful webinars programme, and will comprise of three immersive panel sessions.

Titled Hydrogen in India: Decarbonisation and the Hydrogen Path Forward, the Snap Summit will explore how the renewable energy powerhouse that is India can fast-track to true sustainability with green hydrogen.

Which perhaps begs the questions, what gives India this status as a ‘renewable energy powerhouse’ and what are the country’s stated aims in green hydrogen?

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