Revealed today (Feb 14), the agreement aims to decarbonise key sectors in India and present greener solutions to reach climate goals.

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New consortium led by BMW and Hexagon Purus aiming to develop hydrogen storage system solutions for passenger vehicles

The order additionally marks a key milestone for Hexagon Purus with the company now receiving its first ever order for hydrogen applications in India presenting an opportunity for further hydrogen players to integrate hydrogen technologies in the country.

The orders represent Reliance’s first step towards positioning themselves as a leading clean energy player, supporting the transition to a zero-emission society in India.

Reliance recently announced a $80bn investment programme into clean energy whereby hydrogen will play a pivotal role to drive decarbonisation.

Frank Häberli, Senior Vice-President of Asia at Hexagon Purus, said, “We are pleased to receive our first orders for India, and to support Reliance in the beginning of their exciting journey to transform India to a globally leading hydrogen economy.”

Hexagon Purus’ expansion of hydrogen into maritime applications, CEO Morten Holum reveals all

“The maritime industry is looking for a solution for decarbonisation, and with the exposure we have had in this sector, we think we can provide those solutions with hydrogen.” Those were the words of Morten Holum, CEO of Hexagon Purus, when he recently sat down to tell H2 View about the company’s new hydrogen maritime division, Hexagon Purus Maritime.

The establishment of Hexagon Purus Maritime will see the group’s zero-emission hydrogen technology be applied to the maritime industry, with Norway being the initial focal point from the onset. This is due to the nation having some of the strongest maritime technology industries in the world.

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