Revealed today (June 21), Hanwha will supply Shell with high-pressure hydrogen tanks to be used for transport within its networks of refuelling stations.

Hanwha Cimarron say the finalised purchase order will see the so-called Neptune carbon fibre Type IV high-pressure hydrogen tank, with a 2,000 litre capacity delivered to shell.

The South Korean firm claims the Neptune tank, which has been certified by several state agencies such as the Department of Transport, incorporates anti-buckling technology, which will allow full hydrogen extraction without damaging the tank internally.

It is hoped the deal will further boost the state’s energy transition and decarbonisation. With California boasting 52 out of 66 hydrogen refuelling stations in the US, the state has appeared as a leader in the hydrogen transition.

Ryoo Du-hyoung, Head of Advanced Materials Division for Hanwha Solutions, “This supply contract is a great foundation for our collaboration with Shell and our efforts to expand presence in the US hydrogen market. We are also expanding hydrogen tank business in Europe, including Germany, to attract more clients globally.”

Hanwha Cimarron, formerly Cimarron Composites was founded by NASA scientist, Tom Delay, was acquired by Hanwha Solutions in December 2020.


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