As part of the agreement, Doral has secured access to 200MW of H2Pro’s E-TAC systems for its projects in Europe, the US, and Israel.

Under the agreement, as part of a project to pilot a 0.4MW system scheduled for 2023 in Kibbutz Yotvata, Israel, Doral plans to develop a photovoltaic plant to power the electrolysis, using H2Pro electrolysis tech.

Additionally, Doral is leading efforts to develop a project extension to establish a 30MW hydrogen hub, based on H2Pro’s technology.

Following the initial projects, H2Pro will continue to supply its E-TAC electrolysers until 2030, according to the agreement.

Yaki Noyman, CEO of Doral Energy, said, “Doral is in the forefront of global, tech-driven renewable energy development, that goes far beyond green electrons. As part of our “Green Energy” strategy, we are tapping into the green molecules’ world with various applications such as producing green and clean hydrogen to support the decarbonisation efforts of our corporate partners.

“The collaboration with H2Pro will not only diversify and secure our supply chains but also demonstrate best-in-class green hydrogen production in competitive pricing.”

In 2021, H2Pro secured $22m of investment to push forward the production of its water splitting device that could produce green hydrogen at $1 per kg.

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Talmon Marco, CEO of H2Pro, added, “By signing this agreement, the collaboration with Doral has taken a big step forward in laying the groundwork for a significant gradual deployment. H2Pro will benefit from Doral’s access and renewable integration experience in its global projects through this agreement.”

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