Dubbed H2 Ventures 1, the organisation is looking to implement a curated investment strategy in sectors that would be willing to transition to both hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

With decades of experience in the original and evolving hydrogen and fuel cell sector, and a deep international network, H2 Ventures 1 is positioned to identify and grow companies in the ideation and research and development phases, and, to provide early-stage founders with support, advice, expertise and capital in order to fast track their growth.

Chris Sacrè, Chairman and Director of H2 Ventures 1, said, “Demand for hydrogen in global energy systems is accelerating at the fastest pace in history, driven by the radical transformation of the world’s energy sector as governments, businesses and consumers work to achieve decarbonisation targets for 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

“Now is the time to invest in the enormous potential of hydrogen to decarbonise many sectors of the economy including transportation (marine, land and air), freight, power generation, manufacturing, resource extraction and the production of steel and cement.

“H2 Ventures 1 Inc. will lead the market in a thoughtful investment strategy that prioritises real products with strong growth potential.”

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