The Calgary Hydrogen Production Hub will provide a low-cost, low-carbon intensity source of clean burning hydrogen fuel to Western Canada, along with the first hydrogen refuelling station in Calgary itself.

It will also include an Indigenous Training Centre, which will provide hands-on training with hydrogen production, storage, distribution and transportation, and dispensing.

This will be a formal programme in partnership with a Post-Secondary Academic Institution that will not only assist with the energy transition, but also provide valuable skills and training beyond typical head office roles.

H2 View understands from having spoken with a very proud H-GEN Initiatives team, that this is an ‘impactful hydrogen project’ loaded with ‘firsts’ – not least the first known Indigenous hydrogen training programme in North America ‘and quite likely the world’.

Steven Tofan, CEO of H-Gen Initiatives, told H2 View, “There are lots of exciting elements to this.”

In an official statement, Tofan enthused, “This agreement and the associated project demonstrates our confidence in Apeiron Resources and the remarkable strengths they bring to the table. I am delighted that Calgary Hydrogen Production Hub will benefit not only the Indigenous Peoples of the Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3 but also bring Albertans a way to decarbonise their future with near-term solutions using practical and safe methodologies and how this investment will contribute to the transition of our province and our country towards a more sustainable, low-carbon economy.

“We can finally provide a clean energy solution for the proactive people and companies wanting to lead the energy transition. This hydrogen hub will be a significant milestone in the energy transition and evidences our purposeful approaches in this regard.”

Various levels of the Federal government recognise the value that ownership has among the Indigenous People’s corporations like Apeiron and what it can bring to the country and have indicated their support of the project in various ways, H2 View understands.

Kirk Poitras, President and Founder of Apeiron Resources, affirmed, “The Apeiron philosophy has always been to prioritise opportunities that create source revenues for Indigenous Nations and their Governments. Sustainable socio-economic benefits and revenues that go directly back to Indigenous Nations, governments, and citizens are the key drivers we look for in all our projects and partnerships.

“By collaborating and cooperating with our trusted partners we can continue to help facilitate skills development, training, and experience-building within communities. We are excited to be moving our partnership from an MOU to forming a joint venture corporation with our short-term focus on supplying hydrogen throughout Alberta and elsewhere.”

The new production hub will provide an opportunity for companies based in Western Canada to accelerate the achievement of their decarbonisation and sustainability objectives by gaining access to a locally produced, low-cost supply of hydrogen fuel.

Larry Buzan, President of H-Gen Initiatives, added, “The entirety of our joint focus to date has been realised in the agreement and will drive the business of real hydrogen supply in the near-term and provide clean fuel adoption choices to Albertans.”