Based in Berlin, she will support Getech’s ambition to establish over 500MW of new assets by 2030 and oversee European expansion, following the acquisition of H2Green in 2021. .

Getech is developing a network of green hydrogen hubs, co-located with wind and solar, to decarbonise transport and industrial sectors.

Getech CEO, Dr. Jonathan Copus, said, “Green hydrogen can provide clean power for transportation and industrial sectors that are hard to electrify, as well as energy storage to overcome intermittency and balance supply with demand.

“Against a backdrop of heightened energy supply uncertainty and price volatility, hydrogen can also play a pivotal role in improving energy security.”

The EU hydrogen strategy (July 2020) set green hydrogen as a top priority – with an objective to install at least 40GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysers by 2030 with production of up to 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen in the EU.

This focus was further strengthened in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with RePowerEU (May 2022) adding a target of 10m tonnes of renewable hydrogen imports by 2030.

In support of these initiatives, the European Commission has to date approved €5.4bn of public support under its ‘Important Projects of Common European Interest’ scheme, developing hydrogen import corridors, via the Mediterranean and the North Sea, and promoting green hydrogen partnerships.

Germany is targeting 10GW of hydrogen production capacity by 2030. A €900m grant has been awarded to H2Global, a public-private platform designed to support investments for the production of renewable hydrogen in countries outside the EU.

Schulz held senior positions in German energy companies such as ENGIE subsidiary Storengy and Marubeni Energie for more than 10 years, setting up the renewable energy businesses which included the development of hydrogen projects.

Getech recently updated its Depth to Basement product to provide enhanced analysis of basin location and sediment fill, released an updated version of its Unconventionals Analyst software for the onshore shale oil & gas sector, and expanded content on its Maptium platform.