For this project, GenH2 will manufacture hydrogen production, liquefaction, controlled storage and dispensing solutions in order to support fuelling infrastructure for buses and Class 1-8 trucks.

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Through the alliance, the companies will focus on the delivery of mobility and infrastructure solutions in support of several areas including buses and supporting hydrogen infrastructure for municipalities and school districts.

As well as this, lang-haul trucks and supporting hydrogen infrastructure will be explored for regional transport whilst the companies also develop liquid hydrogen transportation.

This could bolster the hydrogen economy in the region and provide a basis to establish not only hydrogen fuel cell mobility but also liquid hydrogen transport to further decarbonise roads.

GenH2 and Monfort will also collaborate on the development of capsules for on-board storage of liquid hydrogen.

Cody Bateman, Founder and CEO of GenH2, said, “The combination of reliable hydrogen infrastructure and Class 1-8 trucks powered by BEV and hydrogen fuel cells will serve as a total solution for transit and long-haul trucking companies.

“Our alliance with Monfort Technology is a great example of industry leaders working together to build the future of the hydrogen economy.”

A representative from Monfort Technologies said, “I’m excited about this partnership with GenH2, which will allow us to leverage our combined expertise to provide a comprehensive solution that has not been available and will help enable rapid expansion of this industry.”

GenCell fuel cells powering mission-critical projects in the Middle East

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In a world suffering from the increasingly grave impact of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, much of which result from the combustion of fossil fuels, GenCell Energy is working around the clock to develop innovative alkaline fuel cell solutions that offer affordable, clean back-up and off-grid power for humanity to render diesel generators obsolete.

Leveraging ultra-reliable technology that powers spacecrafts, but with patented innovations that have dramatically reduced their costs to make them affordable for mainstream applications, GenCell’s fuel cell offering delivers long-duration, minimal maintenance back-up power for mission-critical applications at utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industry facilities.

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