The next puzzle piece in GenCell’s mission to “deliver power for humanity”, a statement which was emphasised by its CEO Remi Reshef in a recent webinar, the fuel cell solution generates power on-demand from ammonia.

A smart and zero-emission hydrogen tech, the GenCell FOX™ can complement solar PV and wind power solutions at telecom site across the globe and promises power in virtually any location and in any condition.

On the launch, Rami Reshef, CEO at GenCell, said, “The GenCell FOX™ is the first fuel cell solution to overcome the limitations of the current hydrogen infrastructure by creating hydrogen-on-demand from ammonia, the world’s second most-produced inorganic chemical.

“More than 200 million tonnes of ammonia is produced each year and distributed globally via pipelines, tankers and trucks, making it readily available and inexpensive. By creating hydrogen-on-demand from ammonia, the GenCell FOX™ provides zero-emission fuel cell power at a lower cost than diesel generators.”

Eager to hit the market, GenCell has said it will offer operators a limited number of pre-launch projects from deployment this year (2022), with full commercial deployment planned for 2023.

Speaking on a recent webinar, Reshef said, “Telecom accounts for two to three percent of the world energy consumption. Equipment certification, edge computing, higher internet speeds and data throughput are continually increasing power requirements.

“But, at the same time, the climate crisis is causing more sever weather that leads to power outages. During these outages, telecom services are even more crucial for emergency responses in disaster recovery. Therefore, they must have reliable and resilient back up power.”

Highlighting the market need, Reshef continued, “The telecom providers are aiming to eliminate the carbon for power. So, resolve these challenges, GenCell has developed sustainable, resilient hydrogen to power and ammonia to power solutions that ensure continuous connectivity anywhere and everywhere, while contributing to long term climate action and meeting emission targets.”

GenCell fuel cells powering mission-critical projects in the Middle East

© GenCell

In a world suffering from the increasingly grave impact of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, much of which result from the combustion of fossil fuels, GenCell Energy is working around the clock to develop innovative alkaline fuel cell solutions that offer affordable, clean back-up and off-grid power for humanity to render diesel generators obsolete.

Leveraging ultra-reliable technology that powers spacecrafts, but with patented innovations that have dramatically reduced their costs to make them affordable for mainstream applications, GenCell’s fuel cell offering delivers long-duration, minimal maintenance back-up power for mission-critical applications at utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industry facilities.

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