ONEC has purchased three GenCell BOX™ backup power solutions to jumpstart the collaboration, with a view to utilise recent hydrogen infrastructure developments in Alberta, Canada, to establish the GenCell technology in North America.

H2 View understands that ONEC successfully deployed a joint pilot project, incorporating GenCell’s hydrogen fuel cell modules within a mobile generator, adapted for the Canadian climate and regulations, to act as an emergency power source at the ATCO Power Nisku Alberta site, for one year.

GenCell unveiled its hydrogen-fuelled Backup Operations eXtender (BOX) in September 2021, with hopes of providing a clean solution to backup power. In May (2022), the firm announced it was delivering its solution in partnership with ReadHawk Energy, primarily for US rail and other key industry sectors.

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It is hoped by further establishing GenCell’s hydrogen-powered technology in the North American market, the decarbonisation of industry sectors including, telecoms, oil and gas, electric utilities, and electric vehicle charging, could be encouraged.

Denis Wiart, CEO of ONEC Groupe, commented, “Committed to Net Zero emissions by 2050, the ONEC Group is excited and enthusiastic about the opportunities to collaborate with GenCell to execute hydrogen and ammonia energy projects incorporating GenCell’s alkaline fuel cell products and technologies in Western Canada and the Western United States.

“Leveraging the rich engineering experience and expertise of our teams at a variety of industrial projects across Western Canada, we have identified many power applications, especially at remote sites enduring difficult weather conditions, where hydrogen fuel cells could provide reliable, long-duration power while reducing emissions.”

Back on home soil, GenCell in June (2022), revealed it would deploy its hydrogen fuel cell and energy store technology to provide off-grid, emission-free electric vehicle charging in Israel, in partnership with E.V. Motors Pure Energy and Sun Surplus Energy and Co.

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Rami Reshef, CEO of GenCell, said, “Recognising their intense dedication to sustainability objectives, deep engineering construction and project management skills, and their strong appreciation of technology, we believe that ONEC is an optimal partner for GenCell.

“We look forward to expanding our collaboration to jointly deliver innovative and efficient solutions across Canada that will serve to further grow the hydrogen economy in the region and create a strong and loyal install base. We appreciate this valuable opportunity to learn from ONEC’s experienced engineering team, to demonstrate the value of GenCell’s solutions in Canada’s challenging climate conditions and to expand our presence in key industry sectors and regions across North America.”


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