The group is using the day to exhibit the progress it has made in the industry whilst also looking to spur on the growth of the sector in Israel and raise both public and consumer awareness of the benefits of the clean energy carrier.

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GenCell Energy unveils innovative hydrogen-fuelled back-up power solution

The group has grown over the past year and have seen several major deals across the world as it looks to situate itself at the forefront of the hydrogen and fuel cell market.

Whilst taking time to acknowledge the progress in growth GenCell has made this year, the group is looking to the future and the efforts that it will undertake to support the industries growth.

This includes a focus on green ammonia and the extraction of hydrogen on-demand from the energy carrier whilst also placing emphasis on using the hydrogen to fuel alkaline fuel cells at site of power load.

Rami Reshef, CEO of GenCell, said, “As we reach Hydrogen Day 2021, we are excited to take stock of the impressive growth we are experiencing and to further reinforce our commitment to our vision, our objectives, our employees and our stakeholders to execute on our ambitious R&D, engineering, sales and customer success programs.

“We are proud to be a part of the rapid expansion of the hydrogen and fuel cell community around the world and will do everything in our power to turn our company vision into a totally green power future.”

GenCell fuel cells powering mission-critical projects in the Middle East

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In a world suffering from the increasingly grave impact of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, much of which result from the combustion of fossil fuels, GenCell Energy is working around the clock to develop innovative alkaline fuel cell solutions that offer affordable, clean back-up and off-grid power for humanity to render diesel generators obsolete.

Leveraging ultra-reliable technology that powers spacecrafts, but with patented innovations that have dramatically reduced their costs to make them affordable for mainstream applications, GenCell’s fuel cell offering delivers long-duration, minimal maintenance back-up power for mission-critical applications at utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industry facilities.

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