Revealed today (Feb 2), the significant green hydrogen project is scheduled to begin construction in 2023 and will contribute to Hive Energy’s over 3GW of green hydrogen and ammonia production portfolio in Spain.

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This could be a huge boost to the Spanish hydrogen economy with vast amounts of hydrogen being created domestically that can be used for local decarbonisation in addition to exportation to lucrative international markets.

In creating the project and supplying the solar-to-hydrogen technology, dubbed HEVO Solar, Fusion Fuel is also expanding its presence throughout Spain and the rest of Europe by showcasing on a large-scale its hydrogen production technology.

This could see further presence of Fusion Fuel in Spain in addition to further hydrogen projects.

João Wahnon, Head of Business Development at Fusion Fuel, said, “We are excited to announce our inaugural project with Hive Energy in Spain where we will be able to harness the excellent solar resource to drive high yields from our HEVO Solar technology.

“We are confident this project will serve as a stepping stone to a very significant portfolio of Hive Energy green hydrogen plants using Fusion Fuel’s revolutionary technology.”

Giles Redpath, CEO of Hive Energy, said, “We are thrilled to be able to partner with such an innovative renewable process that we can learn and benefit from. I hope that this project is the start of an on-going partnership with Fusion Fuel that will allow us to continue creating suitable and efficient green hydrogen production.”


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