In a statement on Wednesday (August 10), thyssenkrupp announced that Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, former Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen of the German Government would play a key role in the firm’s hydrogen developments.

Dr. Stefan Kaufmann ©thyssenkrupp

In his governmental role, Kaufmann was a regular guest at the State Secretaries’ Committee for Hydrogen of the Participating Ministries as well as the German National Hydrogen Council.

In addition to advising the company, H2 View understands Kaufmann will represent the company nationally and internationally in all matters related to hydrogen.

Commenting on the new role, Kaufmann, said, “I am really excited about this new job, and I would like to thank the company for putting its trust in me. The new geopolitical situation shows that we now must significantly speed up the pace of the green transformation. Hydrogen is a key element in this process.

“The rapid ramp-up of all levels of the hydrogen economy is a critically important element in efforts to create a sustainably strong industrial base in Germany and Europe. There is hardly any other company that is better suited to make a major contribution to the development of a hydrogen economy than thyssenkrupp.

“I am certain that thyssenkrupp will play a key role in the green transformation – particularly as a result of the wealth of technological expertise it possesses in the triangle of demand, supply and infrastructure. I want to play a major role in this transformation in my new role.”

thyssenkrupp’s steel business, in March (2022) partnered with STEAG to integrate hydrogen into ‘Europe’s largest’ steelmaking site by installing a 520MW electrolyser to generate green hydrogen to be used in green steel manufacturing.

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The firm widened its reach with an announcement in May (2022) that it was expanding into Australia to supply its gigawatt-scale hydrogen production technology.

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Martina Merz, CEO of thyssenkrupp, said, “We at thyssenkrupp are ready to apply our technological expertise and provide a significant boost to efforts aimed at rapidly creating a national and international hydrogen economy. We have now added some additional expertise to help us do so.

“In Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, we have recruited a highly respected hydrogen expert. We are certain that his exceptional experience and knowledge will move us forward throughout the entire value – in terms of demand, supply and infrastructure.”


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