Cogent Skills has revealed it will develop the standard following a successful contract bid, in a crucial step towards establishing a highly skilled and competent workforce, underpinning the UK’s ambitions of boosting the development and deployment hydrogen technologies.

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H2 View understands the new occupational standard will set out the standards of performance individuals must achieve, together with the knowledge and skills required to work safely and effectively in the hydrogen production, storage, and transportation industry.

Widely recognised across all four nations of the UK and by employers, regulators, and awarding bodies, NOS are an important part of the skills landscape. NOS can also be transferred into qualifications or training programmes, influence job descriptions or be used as a measure of workplace competence.

Ian Lockhart, Standards Manager at Cogent Skills, said, “We’re looking forward to working with partners to develop the new National Occupational Standards for hydrogen. Cogent has a rich history of working collaboratively across the science industries to support the needs of employers.

“The creation of new technical standards for hydrogen is an important step in supporting the growth of green jobs as we transition to a low carbon economy.”

Due to be completed by March 2023, Cogent Skills are currently recruiting employers and stakeholders from across the sector who are keen to play a leading role in the development of these new standards.


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