Campbell took up the role of Director at First Hydrogen in January (2022), and will now, as CEO of Energy will be responsible for developing green hydrogen production sites and fuel distribution systems, key components in First Hydrogen’s total hydrogen mobility solution.

Additionally, First Hydrogen Automotive plans to launch two hydrogen-powered demonstrator light commercial vehicles (LCVs), featuring Ballard fuel cells, later this year. The firm says Campbell will help to establish infrastructure necessary to enable fleet operators to adapt zero emission, hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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Rob Campbell, First Hydrogen Energy

Previously Senior Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer at Ballard Power Systems, Campbell brings more than two decades worth of experience in championing renewable energy, hydrogen, and fuel cells.

At Ballard, his role covered global business development, product line management, and after-sales service for its key power product markets, such as heavy-duty vehicles, material handling, and stationary power.

Before his time at Ballard, Campbell was President and CEO of SoloPower Systems Inc., and previously held Vice-President roles at Energy Conversion, Solar Integrated Technologies, and Hydrogenics.

First Hydrogen Corp.’s energy division was launched in March this year (2022), and at the time said it was already reviewing and processing new green hydrogen production projects in the UK, Italy, and Canada.

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Rob Campbell, Director and CEO of First Hydrogen Energy, said, “As a business that spans both the energy and automotive industries, First Hydrogen is pioneering a new approach to working with commercial vehicle customers. It is my privilege to join First Hydrogen at such an exciting stage in its business growth.

“The company has made substantial progress in rapid order and now is the time to ramp up activity on the Energy side in order to provide a totally green and sustainable solution.

“I look forward to developing First Hydrogen’s energy division, expanding our team, and working towards our objective, to produce a guaranteed supply of green hydrogen fuel and the means to distribute it. I have long believed in the potential hydrogen fuel has in the global race to eliminate fossil fuel use and I’m thrilled to accelerate us towards a zero emission future.”

On its road to developing production capacity, First Hydrogen in July (2022) submitted two UK-based green hydrogen production projects in Great Manchester, and the Thames Estuary for funding from the UK Government.

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Commenting on Campbell’s appointment, Nicholas Wrigley, Executive Chairman of First Hydrogen, said, “Rob brings fantastic knowledge of the renewable energy and hydrogen mobility sector, which will prove invaluable as we develop First Hydrogen’s complete hydrogen service.

“Offering commercial vehicle operators, a complete solution that includes green hydrogen fuel, refuelling technology and vehicles makes green hydrogen-powered vehicles a reality.

“With two green hydrogen production sites already earmarked for construction in the UK and work underway on our mobile refuelling stations, we are thrilled that Rob will progress the projects and further enhance our growing team of talented clean energy specialists.”


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