The report outlines that a future decarbonisation scenario could include significant volumes of hydrogen and green methane in gas infrastructure could enter the European distribution network.

Hydrogen will be a crucial aspect of a zero-carbon future and thus exploring this scenario helps forecast the potential investment required for hydrogen.

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DNV to identify the potential of Europe’s gas distribution networks for using hydrogen

One of the primary arguments and roles for hydrogen is its role in being able to manage renewable power production across the Europe when coupled with solar and wind facilities.

The renewable energy produced form these sites can be converted into green hydrogen for storage which then can be used for when intermittent energy sources are low.

This is important as it helps support the European energy grid and ensures that sufficient energy is able to be accessed for citizens to carry on their day-to-day operations.

The argument has been identified in the report and argues that Europe’s large-scale underground storage facilities linked to hydrogen networks and the gas infrastructure will be critical to ensuring secure and reliable energy supplies.

Peter Kristensen, Chairman of Ready4H2, said, “When looking at the European decarbonisation journey, we are interested in finding the most cost-effective way to reach net-zero. By exploring and focusing on the conversion of gas distribution networks to hydrogen, we believe to be one step closer to that goal.”

‘’In the coming decades, the European energy system will become increasingly reliant on non-dispatchable energy sources, with wind and solar capacity forecast rising to nearly 1000 GW.

“Specific weather conditions can lead to a sustained reduction of wind and solar power generation. This occurs on average several times a year for several consecutive days – much longer than batteries can provide backup for.

“To ensure continued energy supply during these periods, storage capacity at enormous scale is needed, which local gas infrastructure operators can help facilitate.”

You can find the report here.

Building Bridges: Hydrogen Hubs and Investment

This July, H2 View will hold its first-ever in-person event in the sunshine state of California.

Hosted in partnership with the California Fuel Cell Partnership, the event will explore the nation’s plans for at least four hydrogen hubs as well as take an in-depth look at the international investment California and the wider US are seeing.

Confirmed speakers already include the Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition, the Texas Hydrogen Alliance and Plug Power. We are will soon be adding to our jam-packed agenda, so keep your eyes peeled!

Further information on the event, agenda and confirmed speakers can be found here.

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