Revealed today (May 10), the project will incorporate solar and wind plants coupled with an electrolyser in order to produce green hydrogen that can be used both for domestic use and international trade.

The hub will have a capacity of 350MW through an on-site electrolyser system that will enable the production of 15,000 tonnes of hydrogen annually.

Uruguay is one of the world’s pioneers in the field of renewable energies and currently planning on becoming an exporter of green hydrogen and its derivatives.

The country additionally has the potential to produce hydrogen in the gigawatt scale and, thus, could meet Germany’s entire demand for methanol, the company has said.

The government of the Federal Republic of Germany has noticed these ambitions and, therefore, initiated the H2Global program, of which Enertag is a founding member.

The aim of H2Global is to create an efficient funding programme for a fast market ramp-up and import of green-hydrogen-based products to Germany.

Aram Sander, Head of Department International Project Development PtX at Enertag, said, “We want to support Uruguay’s role as a pioneer in Latin America in the implementation of a green energy transition.

“Uruguay is an ideal partner for Europe and us with its high-quality energy resources, its stable regulatory and political framework as well as its vast experience in permitting and implementing large-scale renewable energy facilities.

“In addition, the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives offers huge possibilities in terms of growth and structural benefits.”

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