Through these partnerships, the companies will support Energy Observer with its hydrogen pioneer Odyssey until 2024 as it continues to travel around the world as a beacon for the green energy revolution.

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Who is Energy Observer Developments?

Energy Observer is a flagship of future smart-grids, developing an optimised energy mix that mobilises solar, wind, and hydro-generation.

In each of these fields, the laboratory vessel undertakes, develops, optimises, and assembles the world’s most efficient features.

It then stores its energy production in batteries, but most importantly, in a complete renewable hydrogen system produced from the electrolysis of seawater.

The partnership with Qair, an agile, international, and versatile actor, resonates with the concerns of Energy Observer, the group said.

Qair will fetch its international and multi-local vision of specific territories with varied resources to the project, but also its expertise in the development of responsible energy production ecosystems.

GUYOT environment on the other hand will bolster Energy Observer with its low carbon technologies and support a reduction of waste pollution.