The company has said its 1MW system, sporting 420 AEM electrolyser stacks, will soon be deployed for in its first full demonstration unit, in the hope that commercial deliveries of 10 of AEM Multicore 0-series can begin in the second half of 2023.

H2 View understands the Multicore system is made up of electrolyser stacks mounted in strings of 10, which the firm has said it is currently testing. In the Multicore configuration, Enapter claim the units can produce up to 450kg of hydrogen per day at low costs.

Expected to begin production at scale in its campus in Saerbeck, Germany, Enapter anticipate it will ship larger quantities of the product from the summer of 2024.

Enapter announced it was set to develop the Multicore product in May last year (2021), and soon after revealed it had received €9.3m ($11.2m) in funding to develop new machinery for its campus.

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In May 2021, Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Chairman of Enapter, said, “The AEM Multicore will be cheaper than comparable PEM electrolysers and using mass- produced AEM stack modules makes the difference.

“The modular approach makes the entire system more affordable but also significantly more robust and enormously flexible. This makes it ideal for using intermittent renewable energy.”


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