Dubbed EL 4.0, the anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyser is a one-size-fits-all solution for hydrogen production that can be stacked and scaled for projects of any size.

Enpater’s release is its fourth generation AEM electrolyser since 2017 and continues to feat low-cost materials, while providing the flexibility and compact size of PEM electrolysers.

Justus Schmidt, co-founder and CEO of Enapter, said, “The next milestone on our mission: Replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen.

“The EL 4.0 will become a building block for system integrators, letting them rapidly deploy hydrogen production and enact the market ramp-up the world needs.

“We are sure that the future mass production of these AEM electrolysers will fundamentally change the production of green hydrogen.”

Already, Enapter has seen serious interest, with the company confirming more than 400 orders, even before the market launch.

In order to meet these orders, and business that is set to follow, series production of the new electrolysers is currently taking place at Enapter’s Pisa, Italy site.

First deliveries of the new technology are planned for the summer time and mass production is set to begin from 2023 onwards at the Enapter Campus in Saerbeck, Germany.

Making hydrogen happen

This March, H2 View will explore A Climate for Action and Investment in Europe in an immersive virtual event that features some of the leading stakeholders and influencers in hydrogen, including a Women in Green Hydrogen panel.

Confirmed speakers include the Hydrogen Europe, Clean Hydrogen Partnership, FiveT Hydrogen, Airbus, Nel, BMW, Michelin and more.

Further information on the event, agenda and confirmed speakers can be found here.

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