This is part of an exclusive agreement unveiled today (May 23).

In addition to offering a full turnkey solution for hydrogen supply, Element 2 will also provide technical and logistical support to both Electra, and its current and prospective clients, as they plan and/or scope out hydrogen refuelling solutions.

While the letter of intent (LOI) covers Electra’s operations in the UK and Ireland initially, it may be extended to other geographic regions as and when Electra expands in the future.

Tim Harper, CEO of Element 2, said, “Today’s partnership announcement marks an important step towards decarbonising the UK’s road transport with hydrogen, as we blend our supply and refuelling expertise with Electra’s market-leading vehicles.

“Our collaboration is designed to grow and develop the British hydrogen market further and faster, and we firmly believe that only by working together can we reach those vital net-zero targets.”

Sid Sadique, Chairman, Electra Commercial Vehicles, added, “The strategic partnership with Element 2 enables Electra to supply clean hydrogen to any site in the UK, removing barriers to entry and helping our clients transition to zero-emission Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

“We are excited to partner with Element 2. Together, we are the first in the UK to deliver a complete and holistic hydrogen transport solution.”

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