Element 2 was handed ISO 19001-2015 and ISO 14001-205 certifications by QMS International for its Quality Management Systems (QMS) following an independent assessment.

Coming as two of the most recognised standards for QMS (ISO 19001) and environmental management services (ISO 14001), the certification offers further credibility for company in its pursuit of establishing hydrogen refuelling station across the UK.

Brendan Bilton, Chief Technology Officer at Element 2, said, “Achieving international certifications for our Quality Management Systems provides clients and stakeholders with peace of mind about our high levels of safety, quality, performance, and compliance as we continue to grow the UK’s hydrogen fuelling infrastructure.

“As we build the hydrogen refuelling network of the future, ensuring we continue to safely meet the needs of our customers, clients and partners and we protect the environment we operate in will remain key priorities for our business.”

In July (2022) Element 2 handed a multi-year contract to XPO Logistics which would see hydrogen transported from partner production sites to its refuelling stations in the North and Midland regions of the UK, contributing to its ambitions of deploying over 800 hydrogen pumps in the UK by 2027 and 2,000 by 2030.

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