Revealed today (March 22), the agreement will see the supply of two pressurised alkaline electrolyser system from Green Hydrogen Systems to Dalane Energi that will be used to produce on-site hydrogen.

Liquiline will work to deliver the electrolysis equipment for the Norwegian project being developed by Dalane Energi with Hydrogen Solutions (HYDS) and the Port of Egersund also involved with the project.

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As part of the agreement, two HyProvide™ A90 electrolysers will be provided for the Norwegian project with a combined capacity of 0.9MW. These will be deployed in a 40ft container as a complete green hydrogen plant.

The hydrogen produced form these plants will be delivered to the ROBINSON project, and in addition sold to external users with the goal to scale up the production and establish a hydrogen ship bunkering operation in close cooperation with the Port of Egersund.

In doing so it provides a basis to decarbonise the maritime industry in which Norway is a global leader and hydrogen holds significant promise within.

Knut Førland, Managing Director of Liquiline, said, “We are pleased to be a part of the exciting and ambitious ROBINSON project. We see it as an important step in making green hydrogen commercially available, which is needed to assist the energy transition.

“We are proud to be a Green Hydrogen Systems partner. Their scalable solutions based on local hydrogen production close to the customers, is specially adapted to countries like Norway with long distances and high distribution costs.”

Søren Rydbirk, Chief Commercial Officer at Green Hydrogen Systems, said, “We at Green Hydrogen Systems are thrilled that Dalane Energi has chosen our efficient electrolysis technology for their exciting project in Norway.

“We look forward to working on this project together with Dalane Energi and our local partner, Liquiline. Both parties share our vision to pioneer the field of green hydrogen and drive a sustainable global energy transition.”


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