Scheduled to come online in the second half of the year (2022), the plant is a new generation combined cycle plant, with a total power capacity of 780MW, equipped with high-efficiency turbine using technology designed to be powered by hydrogen.

To support its hydrogen ambitions for the site, Edison on Tuesday (Feb 22) inked an agreement with Eni and Ansaldo Energia to collaborate on a feasibility study for the production of both green and blue hydrogen.

Results from the feasibility are hoped to highlight the best energy carrier option for the firm.

On the effort, Giovanni Brianza, Executive Vice-President of Energy and Environmental Services at Edison, said, “Edison is in an optimal position to become an important player in the hydrogen sector as it is synergetic with its core business and at the heart of the strategic development plan.

“Hydrogen is a vector under development that will play an important role in the decarbonisation process of the country. In this context, Edison is developing several integrated projects for the production and use of hydrogen for the benefit of all end users, from electricity generation to industry and sustainable mobility.

“To further reduce the environmental impact of its thermoelectric production fleet, Edison has already planned its adoption of gas turbines fuelled by mixtures of hydrogen and natural gas in its new generation combined cycle plants, which will allow a significant reduction of carbon emissions.”

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