eCombustible’s hydrogen-based fuel is able to decarbonise several industries supporting the global fight against climate change in addition to creating a hydrogen supply chain and demand.

In doing so, Spain will gain a boost to both its decarbonisation targets as well as promote growth of its hydrogen sector.

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Using eCombustible’s innovative fuel source could reduce the carbon footprint of the ceramic industry in Spain with Pamesa recognised as a Spanish industrial group dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of ceramic products, atomised clays, chemicals, and energy commercialisation.

This could provide the company with a foundation to showcase the potential of its hydrogen-based fuel and expand operations in Europe.

The eCombustible fuel will be utilised in an attempt to replace Pamesa’s natural gas consumption.

Jorge Arevalo, CEO and founder of eCombustible Energy, said, “Pamesa is one of the largest consumers of natural gas in Spain, and one of the top five in Europe, making their operations an ideal location to introduce our patented fuel supply modules in the region.

“As one of the top five tile producers in the world, Pamesa has taken a leading role in its industry’s efforts to adopt a clean energy alternative to manufacture ceramic products, at a competitive and predictable cost considering the volatile price of natural gas and market uncertainty.”


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