The like-minded consultancies will combine their decades of industry experience to create new supply chain opportunities and enact tangible changes in the race to net zero.

The move, part of a clear growth strategy within the Opergy Group, reinforces its ambitions within hydrogen, wind and nuclear sectors.

Opergy, which supports businesses with industry insights and solution, works with energy supply chains, developers, and organisations while 
EC20 specialises in working with developers to introduce them to supply chain companies already operating in the UK.

Alongside, they support government bodies globally to support their own supply chain and benefit from offshore wind. 

Isla Robb, current Director for EC20, will become the Managing Director of Opergy Scotland as well as a Director of the Opergy Group alongside Johnathan Renyolds (Managing Director), Kim Duffy (Finance Director), and Martin Dronfield (Commercial Director). 

Johnathan Reynolds, Opergy Group Managing Director, said: “As we’ve discovered from activities such as the recent Floating Offshore Wind report we completed for the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, there’s huge opportunities in the clean energy sector in Scotland. Combining the experience both Isla and our Senior Management Team possess is a no brainer.

“We’re already making great progress in the northern-most parts of the UK. The addition of Isla’s reputation will give us the competitive edge, becoming an unstoppable countrywide force in the clean energy sector.”

Opergy, specific advisors for the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult’s F4OR programme, is already delivering modules to the North-East cohort. Additionally, its work with the Offshore Wind Industry Sector’s Wind Expert Support Toolkit (WEST) programme has already seen the consultancy work with companies in the country. 

Robb added, “For EC20’s customers, they’ll continue to trade with the same registered entity, just under a new name and with the added benefits of accessing the Opergy Group’s wide range of services and expertise.”

John McDonald, CEO for global energy skills body OPITO, said with the UK Government doubling down on its Energy Security strategy in recent months and the forecast investment and jobs growth, it was delighted to see Opergy and EC20 expand their UK reach.

Claire Mack, CEO of Scottish Renewables, said renewable energy is already the mainstay of Scotland’s energy system and the growth which is forecast in the sector means many more economic and environmental benefits are to come.

“This merger will place EC20 and Opergy Group in a position to use their strong expertise and experience as that growth, particularly in offshore wind, starts to accelerate.”