Anticipated to be the ‘first ship in the world’ to sail electrically, propelled with hydrogen in its solid form, sodium borohydride, as an energy carrier, it is hoped to come as a zero emission solution for inland shipping, short-sea, dredging, offshore and even patrol and naval vessels.

Initially designed by Wijk Yacht Creations, the vessel, which is being built under the European H2Ships programme, is hoped to undertake trial sailing in June 2023 with the build contract announcement.

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The Port of Amsterdam has said, utilising sodium borohydride as the vessel’s energy carrier offers high energy density as well as offering the ability for it to be safely bunkered onboard.

H2 View understands the Neo Orbis will serve as the flagship for Port of Amsterdam, as the Dutch port works towards emission free shipping by 2050.

In pursuit of establishing itself as a major player in the European hydrogen economy, the Port of Amsterdam is set to gain a 500MW green hydrogen plant, under the Project H2era with Hydrogen Chemistry Company (HyCC).

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