ITM Power has been making (green) hydrogen happen for arguably longer than anyone else. The company embodies empowerment and creating action. From a veritable blank sheet it has worked tirelessly to attract the investment, to develop the technology and the business case, and to not stop there – it has acted on that investment and has relentlessly created action and progress.

And look at the company today: at the forefront of the hydrogen movement, front and centre of the UK’s hydrogen aspirations as a true innovator, a new Gigafactory with announced plans for a second, a partnership with Linde, and leading both the conversation and the action towards not just a hydrogen ecosystem but a global green hydrogen society. We might say, no-one has made hydrogen happen like ITM Power.

It is this journey that Dr. Cooley will reflect on in his keynote address as he shares the motivation and pointers for us all to make hydrogen happen. The spirit, the vision, the dogged determination, the investment climate, the technology innovation, and the unrelenting drive to bring it all together through tangible action.

Who else is speaking?

Across three plenary sessions focusing on Policy (session one), Investment (session two) and Action (session three), you will also hear from:

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Hydrogen Europe
Sylbie Denoble-Mayer, ENGIE/Hydrogen Council representative
Pierre-Etienne Franc, FiveT Hydrogen
Allan Baker, Societe Generale/Hydrogen Council representative
Andy Marsh, Plug Power
Nicole Dreyer-Langlet, Airbus
Jürgen Guldner, BMW

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