With its unique design, the electrolyser delivers a “step-change” in efficiency for the production of hydrogen and eliminates expensive hydrogen compressors in most applications, making it a well-fitted solution for decarbonising industrial hydrogen use cases.

Looking further into the technology, the electrolyser design is able to tolerate and exploit the benefits of electrolysis of water under thermodynamic supercritical conditions, such as water at high temperature and pressure.

Importantly, the bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms of water are weakened and as such require less electrical energy to split the bonds and free hydrogen atoms.

Clean technology company Jericho Energy Ventures led the seed series funding round to with a $1.78m investment in Supercritical Solutions and was joined by Lowercarbon Capital and New Energy Technology for a total commitment of $3.6m to help the company develop its technology.

Ryan Breen, Head of Corporate Strategy at Jericho Energy Ventures, said, “Jericho Energy Ventures provides a unique opportunity for retail investors to gain exposure to and support innovative, early-stage companies that are on the leading edge of the energy transition. Our emphasis on high-growth hydrogen related themes with a global reach makes sustainable investing simple for every investor.

“We are thrilled to lead the seed fundraising round for supercritical solutions and believe the company’s new class of electrolyser has the potential to disrupt the large incumbent industrial hydrogen market, in addition to the exponential opportunity associated with increasing global clean hydrogen production.

“The blend of world-class co-investors, seasoned management team and first-of-its-kind technology at supercritical provides a rare investment opportunity that we look forward to supporting and growing.”


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