The firm on Friday (March 4) unveiled its plans, having placed an order with Massachusetts-based Nuvera Fuel Cells for its E-Series fuel cell engine, which provides 59kW net output power to meet both motive and mobile equipment performance requirements.

Devinn’s deployment of the Nuvera fuel cell technology is part of a larger push to accelerate research and development in hydrogen as a power source across Europe. Taking this into consideration, the European Union has financed the project.

Santiago Bresani, Sales and Business Development Leader for Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe, said, “Devinn has a long track record of developing and delivering hydrogen-based solutions through its technical capabilities, so Nuvera is honoured to have its innovative technology selected as the best platform to meet their needs.

“We are delighted that Nuvera’s E-60 fuel cell engine will help power the transition to the emission-free future that the EU is seeking through its clean power initiatives.”

Coming soon…

In the upcoming March edition of H2 View, we speak to Nuvera Fuel Cells to discuss the company’s fuel cell technologies. Nuvera Fuel Cells will be sharing its expertise as part of a multi-company feature, exploring the world of fuel cell technologies.