Following on from its success in liquid hydrogen refuelling with the help of Air Liquide, the sustainable truck manufacturer has extended the trialling of its fuel cell truck, leveraging on a newly construction liquid hydrogen refuelling station in Wörth, Germany.

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Daimler has explained the latest truck’s two 40kg tanks are set to be filled with cryogenic liquid hydrogen at minus 253oC (-487oF), with goals of reaching a range of 1,000km (621 miles) or more, to meet heavy-duty long-haul transport demands.

The company says it has been testing a gaseous hydrogen-fuelled Mercedes GenH2 truck since 2021, however sees its future utilising the clean energy carrier in its liquid form due to its higher energy density.

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The firm has also revealed intentions to work with major companies such as bp, Shell, and TotalEnergies to establish European hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, after Daimler inked an agreement with bp to develop 25 refuelling sites in the UK by 2030.

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Additionally, in 2020, Daimler and Linde revealed a collaborative effort to develop hydrogen refuelling technology based on sub-cooled liquid hydrogen.

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