By scaling its manufacturing capacity, the company hopes to drive the emerging green hydrogen economy in Europe and globally, by being able to provide new infrastructure projects and advance government decarbonisation goals.

Having recently been approved by the European Commission, backing from IPCEI, with funding from the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency (VLAIO), is anticipated to help Cummins develop a new generation of its PEM stacks to power large-scale hydrogen production systems.

Alexey Ustinov, Vice-President of Electrolysers at Cummins, said, “Innovation is key in this fast-growing market, and Europe has the unique opportunity to become the technology, design and production hub for hydrogen generation equipment.

“This funding from IPCEI is important for the entire hydrogen value chain and proves that Cummins is on the right track to drive the hydrogen economy forward. Continuously accelerating R&D capabilities and increasing our manufacturing capacity will help us respond to growing market demand in Europe and globally.”

The expansion in Belgium comes as part of Cummins’ already scaling global electrolyser footprint. The firm has already added capacity at its Mississauga, Canada facility, as well as plans to build two new electrolyser plants in Spain and China, each boasting starting capacity of 500MW.

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Offering support for Cummins’ Belgian expansion, Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, said, “Promoting hydrogen development and deployment will boost jobs and growth throughout Europe while contributing to our green and resilience agenda.

“It enables the clean transition of energy-intensive industries and increases our independence from fossil fuels. With this IPCEI, we see EU hydrogen production moving ‘from lab to fab,’ and our industry turning technological mastery into commercial leadership. And of course, we are not only supporting hydrogen through funding. We have also made decisive progress on building partnerships through the Clean Hydrogen Alliance and are developing EU-wide rules for enabling the hydrogen market and creating dedicated infrastructure.”


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