Revealed today (April 4), Hysetco, a hydrogen mobility company owned by Total Energies, Air Liquide, Toyota, Kouros, and others, will utilise the electrolyser system as a means to become one of the first large-scale hydrogen mobility platforms that integrates hydrogen production, distribution, and use.

The project will also aim to create the largest hydrogen taxi fleet worldwide and will be fuelled by 12 refuelling stations by 2024.

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To refuel the vehicles, the Cummins electrolyser will produce up to 380 tonnes of hydrogen per year with renewable energy being used to ensure the fuel is green.

This will support decarbonisation attempts by the industry and create further markets for the hydrogen mobility sector.

Loic Voisin CEO of Hysetco, said, “Thanks to Cummins’ reputation in the market and their strong experience in hydrogen, this makes them a suitable partner for our project.

“We are happy to partner up with them and share the same drive of moving towards zero carbon emissions.”

Piet Berens, Managing Director of Electrolysers, at Cummins, said, “Accelerating decarbonisation through partnerships with companies like Hysetco is key to Cummins’ Destination Zero strategy.

“We are committed to establishing green hydrogen as a viable alternative energy vector and furthering the green hydrogen economy globally.

“This exciting project is an innovative example of hydrogen’s potential to decarbonise transportation and mobility at scale, and we are proud to be a part of it.”


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