To achieve this, CNL is participating in a series of research projects that are related to four separate areas of research that have been identified as critical in the successful development and adoption of hydrogen in the nation.

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The group launched its Vision 2030 in which the CNL’s research also coincides with goals outlined in the Government of Canada’s hydrogen strategy with an emphasis on scaling adoption and infrastructure.

Hydrogen and nuclear energy can work hand in hand with nuclear energy having many of the right credentials to produce clean hydrogen with no emissions.

To do this, nuclear reactors could be used, with an advanced electrolyser or high temperature process, to generate hydrogen.

This variant is also called pink hydrogen.

CNL will continue to advance research in these areas, in addition to hydrogen storage, to help unlock a lucrative hydrogen economy in Canada.

Dr. Ian Castillo, Head of CNL’s Hydrogen and Tritium Technologies Directorate, said, “Through these projects and others, CNL is conducting research that is needed to significantly increase hydrogen infrastructure here in Canada, which could help in the fight against climate change.

“In particular, we believe that there are natural synergies between hydrogen, nuclear energy, and hydrogen as a feed for cleaner fuels, which is why it has become a key focus of our research.

“Looking forward, we will continue to invest in our hydrogen sciences program, to ensure that we can meet the growing needs of both our government and private-sector customers.”

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