The company has said, the success of its YCK16H, 15.93 litre, 560 horsepower engine intended for heavy-duty applications, supports China’s goals of carbon peaking and climate neutrality.

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H2 View understands the engine also has the capability to run on ammonia and methanol, which Yuchai says can have lower preparation cost and easier storage than hydrogen.

The development of the large hydrogen engine follows on from the firm’s announcement in January (2022), that its five litre, YCK05 hydrogen-powered engine had proved successful in a demonstration project.

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Li Hanyang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Yuchai Group, said, “The new energy engine field has developed rapidly in recent years. Yuchai, as a manufacturer of traditional engines, has taken the initiative to embrace clean-energy engines, made breakthroughs in clean-energy engines, and supported China’s strategic goals of ‘carbon peaking and carbon neutrality’ with Yuchai’s responsibility and commitment.”


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