Situated in the Tianfu New Area south of Chengdu, MCSC has been developed as part of an agreement between California Government, US, leaders and Sichuan as a means to promote clean energy in the area.

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The area is dedicated to cutting-edge energy storage technology with four core industrial ecosystem; one of which is hydrogen which could provide the clean energy carrier with a stepping-stone for scaling the technology in China.

Integrating hydrogen further into China could have a positive impact on its development with it capable of decarbonising much of the nation’s various industries and sectors.

This could support green technologies and help integrate the technology faster in the Asian region whilst also strengthening ties with California.

Jeffrey Chang, Chairman of Meishan California Smart City, said, “By applying clean energy technologies throughout the development, MCSC will not only guarantee a stable power supply, but will also optimise the peak-to-valley price difference to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency.

“MCSC leverages a twin digital big data smart system to monitor the energy usage of the city in real time and matches this with self-sufficient electricity generation and production.”


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