Hydrogen provides a means to drastically reduce the carbon emissions currently being emitted across the globe and in Canada.

Although green hydrogen is regarded as the fuel of the future, using blue or grey hydrogen can create an initial market for hydrogen and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

The organisation claims that there is a need for the federal government to do more and that the Hydrogen Strategy documented policy and funding measures must put in place to achieve the potential benefits outlined in the strategy.

Discussing this further, the CHFCA stated that while there has been some progress since the release of the strategy such as the recent 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan that introduced a number of significant measures (including some that may support hydrogen), the 2022 federal budget did not allocate any specific funding to hydrogen, which is needed to help the Canadian hydrogen industry to move forward and remain competitive in international markets.

It is also believed that allocating at least $800m from clean energy programmes specifically towards hydrogen will send a clear message that Canada intends to remain a technical leader and a serious player in this burgeoning market.

To this end the organisation believes more must be done to support the growing hydrogen community in Canada.

Mark Kirby, President and CEO of the CHFCA, said, “The Auditor General report highlights the reality that the GHG benefits that can be realised from hydrogen implementations cannot be achieved without significant concerted action at every level of government including federal, provincial and municipal levels.

“This includes releasing policies such as hydrogen fuel and equipment carbon credits, direct investment, fast tracking of regulatory changes and project approvals and other measures that are required to transform the industry.”

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