The North American company on Thursday (Jan 6) said it had received a VPLite-H45/40′ trailers, which have a gas mass of 803kg at 3,600 psi (248 bar), from Quantum Fuel Systems.

Traditionally manufactured for natural gas, the VPLite-H45/40′ trailers have been modified to fit the needs of hydrogen to offer seamless transportation for end-users.

Curtis Philippon, CEO of Certarus, said, “Certarus is uniquely positioned to accelerate the energy transition by making hydrogen a convenient fuel solution for our customers.

“We chose to expand our partnership with Quantum because of their extensive experience working with hydrogen, and the proven quality of their virtual pipeline trailers that enable us to safely deliver zero emission energy anywhere our customers need it.

“Together, we offer a mobile solution for customers across North America that support our mission to help make hydrogen fuel a safe, affordable, and convenient option for companies looking to reduce carbon emissions and achieve ESG goals across multiple industry sectors.”

Mark Arold, President of Quantum, added, “Quantum’s VP Lite45/40′ for natural gas hauls the most gas in the industry in a 40-foot container and has an excellent track record.

“Using that proven platform, but modified for hydrogen at 3,600 psi, is a great starting point to begin transporting gas for hydrogen projects.

“Our partnership with Certarus on hydrogen is just the beginning, and we look forward to continuing to support Certarus’ vision and leadership, as well as work with other companies interested in mobile hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel solution.”