The Mexico-based firm on Tuesday (Feb 1) said it has investment in clean hydrogen production start-up HiiROC as part of the effort will support its mission of delivering net-zero concrete by 2050.

Founded in 2019, HiiROC has developed a technology that uses thermal plasma electrolysis to convert biomethane, flare gas, or natural as, into hydrogen at a low cost.

Gonzalo Galindo, Head of CEMEX Ventures, said, “HiiROC’s solution is sustainable, scalable, cost-effective, and has strong growth potential inside the hydrogen ecosystem. This investment is yet another important step in our transition from fossil to alternative fuels and towards achieving our Net Zero goal for 2050.

“CEMEX is the clear industry leader in the use of hydrogen, and this partnership allows us to further expand our hydrogen knowledge in the ultimate quest to replace fossil fuels with hydrogen in our plants.

“With hydrogen becoming an increasingly attractive element for industrial decarbonisation, we are excited to be one of the top companies in the cement industry that include a clean hydrogen production start-up in its investment portfolio.”


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