Having inked an agreement on Thursday (Jan 20), the partnership said they will look to build on existing trade and economic ties to advance clean energies.

It is hoped the move will benefit both Canada and the UAE.

Awaidha Murshed Ali Al Marar, Chairman, Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, said, “We are delighted to join this event to discuss Canada and the UAE’s key achievements in energy diversification and investment in new clean technologies, such as hydrogen, to expand decarbonisation for sustainable future growth.

“Building on the strong trade and economic ties between our two nations, we foresee exclusive prospects for cooperation and partnerships to advance our clean energy capacity while minimising climate impacts.”

Honorable Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Trade and Export Development for the Province of Saskatchewan added, “Significant room exists for cooperation between our two nations and for Canada to share our clean energy expertise in a number of areas including carbon capture, utilisation and storage; hydrogen production; the development of small modular nuclear reactors; and supplying uranium to the UAE’s nuclear energy industry. Together we can develop pathways to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.”


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