According to the company, many countries have announced national and regional programmes, but renewable hydrogen technology is still far from commercialisation at scale. There are more than a dozen bilateral partnerships and at least 10 multi-country or multi-firm platforms focused on hydrogen.

The CRENHA has said that these involve developing countries, are not oriented towards joint technology development, and do not focus on deploying technologies in countries that will have the greatest demand for cleaner fuels for industrial development.

The alliance aims to serve as a facilitator for countries to achieve affordable green hydrogen solutions. The vision is to enhance energy security, resilience and equality by scaling up zero carbon hydrogen technologies and deployment.

Sara Shahmohammadi, CEO of Hybrixcel, co-lead of CRENHA, said, “Through strong international collaboration, countries can help solve the climate crisis by finding ways to scale up access, affordability, and deployment of green hydrogen technologies.

“The alliance bridges government research with unique industry perspectives so that we can reach the collective goal of decarbonising high polluting industrial sectors and achieving a greener, cleaner planet.

“We are delighted to share the news of our expansion into global. This pivotal moment in our expansion comes at a transformational and crucial time for the energy transition and need for green hydrogen economy at large.

“We look forward to contributing to climate change mitigation.”

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