As of February 11, that figure is correct and continues to grow as the sunshine state builds out its fuel cell bus fleets and commit to the hydrogen movement.

According to figures shared with H2 View, California currently has 76 of the US’ 92 hydrogen fuel cell buses on its roads – and it wants to double that figure, already having another 76 buses in its purchase pipeline.

Whilst the above figures don’t include the number of fuel cell electric buses that are planned in transit agencies’ rollout plans required by the CARB Advanced Clean Transit regulation, it certainly highlights the state’s commitment in the sector.

SunLine Transit in Coachella Valley and AC Transit in the East Bay and the national leaders in the sector and have showed great commitment to both fuel cell and battery electric technologies to slash emissions caused by the high-emitted transportation sector.

Majorly ahead of the decarbonisation game, SunLine Transit has had a zero-emission policy in place since 1994 and, at present, has 21 fuel cell buses on the road with five more in the purchase pipeline.

With a slightly larger hydrogen bus fleet, AC Transit currently has 39 fuel cell buses on the roads of California.

AC Transit’s bus fleet is currently part of Stanford’s Precourt Institute’s “Five-by-Five” study, which is comparing the performance and benefits of five fuel cell electric buses and five battery electric buses, in addition to five diesel, five diesel hybrid and five of its earliest fuel cell electric buses.

But it’s not just in Coachella Valley and in the East Bay where this zero-emissions vehicles are operating. There are other players on the market that are also making prominent moves to offer green transportation to the public.

According to figures shared with H2 View, Orange County Transportation Authority currently has 10 hydrogen fuel cell buses on the road and Golden Empire Transit in Bakersfield already has a few buses on the road.

And it’s not just transportation companies that are supporting the shift, the education sector is getting onboard too, with the University of California Irvine boasting a hydrogen fuel cell electric bus.

It goes without saying that the above figures really showcase how California is paving the way for a decarbonised transportation sector with hydrogen and laying solid foundations for its future, but it doesn’t stop there.

H2 View has been assured that more companies are looking to decarbonise their bus fleet with hydrogen, with Fresno Area Express and North County Transit District in North San Diego County just being two that have already confirmed such plans.

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