The duo on Tuesday (Feb 1) said it has signed an agreement for the development of the H2-Fifty plant which is also set to benefit other industries that are active in the port area.

Making a huge contribution to European sustainability objectives, the project is poised to cut up to 350,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

James Patterson, Vice-President of Green Hydrogen Solutions at bp, said, “Bringing HyCC and bp together, in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, provides the H2-Fifty project with the opportunity to both accelerate significant emission reductions for our refinery and for our customers.

“We will use our integration expertise to help build and deploy green hydrogen at scale and H2-Fifty is one of the pillar projects supporting bp’s hydrogen ambition.”

Marcel Galjee, Managing Director of HyCC, added, “Scaling up green hydrogen production not only makes the industry in the port area of Rotterdam more sustainable but it also provides the Netherlands with an opportunity to become a leader in the hydrogen economy.

“H2-Fifty is a serious step in that direction and thanks to the collaboration with bp, we can execute this project successfully to support sustainable growth.”

As planning and works continue, the partnership will select a technology supplier and further develop the design of the plant and start the environmental studies for the licencing process.

It is hoped a final investment decision will be made in 2023.


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