The bid, anticipated to see investments of up to €2bn ($2.08bn), has been tendered for the rights to develop the Hollandse Kust (west) Wind Farm Zone (HKW) sites VI and VII, with potential of generating capacity of 1.4GW. 

BP’s bid for site VII focuses on coupling offshore wind power generation with new, flexible demand primarily for the Rotterdam region, including green hydrogen.   

The integration BP proposes includes 500MW of electrolysis capacity, which could produce approximately 50,000 tonnes of green hydrogen, which would support 10,000 barrels a day production of sustainable aviation fuel. 

 At the same site, BP additionally hope to see, a new electric powered boiler and super heater for its Rotterdam refinery, and flexible electric vehicle charging stations with integrated batteries and low carbon multi-energy logistics hubs. 

Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath, Executive Vice-President of Gas and Low-Carbon Energy at BP, said, “We will apply bp’s integrated energy company strategy to integrate green energy supply and demand across the energy system.  

“This includes using offshore wind power to electrify industry and mobility. And also using renewable power to produce green hydrogen, to help to decarbonise hard-to-electrify sectors such as aviation, refining and heavy-duty mobility. These clean energy developments support the Netherlands’ ambitious emissions reduction aims.” 

Bids for Site VI will be evaluated on eco-innovation criteria, where bp proposes creating innovative solutions to enhance the Dutch North Sea ecosystem. 

HKW, located 53km off the west coast of the country, contains two wind farm sites, with a total area of 176 square kilometres. 


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