To support this, BorgWarner has seen its first hydrogen injection system production programme initiated for an off-road application by a European construction equipment manufacturer.

This could be a key development for the mobility sector with hydrogen internal combustion engines presenting a low-cost opportunity for mobility companies to transition to hydrogen technologies.

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This provides a unique opportunity to decarbonise the construction mobility sector and integrate hydrogen technologies further into Europe.

BorgWarner cooperates with OEMs in all vehicle segments from passenger cars to light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles for on and off-road applications.

The company can also supply OEMs with either individual components or complete turnkey solutions that integrate the entire fuel injection system, including controller, software and calibration.

Davide Girelli, Vice-President and General Manager at BorgWarner Fuel Injection Systems, said, “This business win strengthens the longstanding relationship with our customer. We’re glad to provide them with the full hydrogen injection system, including fuel injectors, rail, electronic control unit and system integration.

“BorgWarner’s offerings in the electric mobility segment have increased immensely in the last few years. Investing in the development of hydrogen applications is a further step toward creating a broad portfolio of clean and efficient propulsion technology.”

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