The 130kW solid oxide electrolyser system had been installed in Gumi, South Korea, as the company looks to increase international cooperation and support the green energy revolution.

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Fully operational at the Bloom SK Fuel Cell center in South Korea since January 2022, this new demonstration is testing electrolysis efficiency using water as an input in intermittency mode.

The Bloom Electrolyser is said to be effectively and efficiently operating in daily cycles, demonstrating its ability to pair with intermittent renewables, such as solar and wind.

In production, the Bloom Electrolyser is expected to operate at 46 kilowatt hours (kW-hr) per kilogram of hydrogen output with water as its input.

hen steam is used, the electrolyser requires even less electricity, expected to operate at 40.4 kW-hr/kg hydrogen, driving further efficiencies.

Deia Bayoumi, Vice-President of Global Product Management at Bloom Energy, said, “The successful deployment of our electrolyser internationally is a testament to the confidence it has garnered to create viable pathways to achieving a net-zero, hydrogen-fuelled future.

“This marks a critical step in our mission to transform the global energy landscape and enable the hydrogen economy.”

Seoung-hwan Oh, Vice-President of Hydrogen Business at SK Ecoplant, said, “A significant milestone in our successful partnership with Bloom Energy, this latest collaboration is a testament to our shared vision to transform South Korea’s energy landscape and unlock new value through innovation.

“Bloom Energy’s technology has demonstrated unparalleled performance and efficiency, further establishing us at the forefront of South Korea’s clean energy market.”

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