The AHC brings together members from the energy, transport, consulting, and technology sectors in a bid to accelerate the Australian hydrogen economy.

Originally formed in 2017 founding members Toyota and Hyundai as Hydrogen Mobility Australia, in 2019 the association was relaunched as the AHC to reflect the diversity of its membership.

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Mick Scrivens, Vice-President and Director of Australia Pacific for Black & Veatch, said, “Hydrogen and ammonia will be critical factors in decarbonising the world’s energy systems, supply chains and heavy industries.

“Robust collaboration between engineering leaders, such as Black & Veatch, and industry organisations, such as the Australian Hydrogen Council, will help realise Australia’s ambitions to supply green ammonia to the Asian and domestic markets.

“Black & Veatch has an 80-year history working with hydrogen and ammonia production in multiple industries. With expertise in all stages of hydrogen infrastructure projects, from technical advisory services and design through operations, we continue to support global decarbonisation programs, including those in Australia.”

The Australian Hydrogen Council in 2021, welcomed the now leading, Australian Labour Party’s Power Australia plan which featured the use of hydrogen as part of its emission reduction policy.

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Black & Veatch’s AHC membership comes after previous commitments to the hydrogen industry, when in 2020 it revealed it had joined the Centre for Hydrogen safety, a global non-profit that supports and promotes the safe handling and use of hydrogen across industrial and consumer applications.

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Commenting on the Black & Veatch’s membership, Dr. Fiona Simon, CEO of the AHC said, “As a leading advocate in countries across the globe of decarbonisation through transitioning to hydrogen, Black & Veatch brings further knowledge and experience to our membership, and we are delighted to have it onboard.”


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